I have no idea where ideas come from. More than me waking up and making a pretty picture everyday, that is the point of this project. There is an inspiration vs. perspiration debate in the design world that questions essentially whether creativity is somethign you’re born with or it’s something you can work at. And like all debates, the answer is probably some combination of both…but that is a big secret that no one can know until I spend at least 50000 moments of missed sunshine researching, writing, and finishing this project.

All signs point to me not having been born with inordinate amounts of natural creativity. Maybe for some things, but not for making pretty pictures. A career coach once told me that I had all the abilities to make a good artist, except this one called “idea productivity”. So what do you do when you’ve been told you’re bad at something? You put your whole university career on the line and force yourself to be good at it.

My buried confession here is that, so far, I’m relying rather heavily on tutorials and spending all too much time reading newspapers and magazines looking for inspiration. I’m hoping that this forced march through a few disciplined days will lead to a fitter cerebral cortex that starts bursting with ideas of its own. That is, of course, subscribing to the perspiration school of thought.

More research on that to come. And more cruel experiments to perform on myself.