The last four days, I have had creative breakthroughs. I’ve spend more time designing and less time dreading. I’ve had the style of each design pop into my head from nowhere. I’ve done totally new-to-me things in both Photoshop and Illustrator, but not used a single outside tutorial for inspiration. To anyone else, this would be kid’s stuff. But to me, these are big.


  • I made my first custom type in Illustrator using the pen tool for “Line Up”.
  • I finally wrapped my head around paths in Photoshop back in “It’s a World of Laughter”.
  • Adjustment layers COMBINED with layer masks are the greatest thing ever. How am I just now realizing that? Case in point, “Upset” in its entirity and the fallen god in “Bankrupt” who started out a gray stone statue.
  • I’m also about a hundred years late learning to define patterns in Photoshop. Again, that was the magic behind “Upset”.

I know becoming more creative was the whole point of this excruciating exercise in discipline, but I’m still slightly surprise to see it working…even the smallest bit.