Facebook adjusts privacy controls after complaints‎

Changes to Facebook mark the modern existence, making news and provoking outcry enough to rival any major natural disaster. Funnily enough, this recent round of whining about privacy controls has authorities up in arms but users (at least on my news feed) less so. I say it’s because, if you’ve stuck with Facebook thus far–through the ups and downs of the news feed addition, countless redesigns,  attack of the apps, and lesser privacy scares–you’ve experienced much bigger shocks and complained your fair share, but have always survived and are glad of it. For all our threatening to quit it, not many have the walk to go with our talk. Then again, we may just not know about those who do commit facebuicide because their bragging about it doesn’t show up in our news feeds.

Who knew that Facebook used to the “The Facebook”? Thank goodness that died.