CNN fires journalist for tweeting her praise for Islamic cleric

This is also partially about the “US soldier charged in Wikileaks case” as well. I think both stories are being focused on for the wrong reasons and no one (that I know of) has stood up for these two voices (allegedly) of dissent. In both cases, the speaker was standing up for the truth, or at least a truth, knowing it wasn’t in keeping with popular belief. Is that not a valuable trait? Admittedly, they deserve certain reprimanding from their employers, and perhaps they didn’t have the noblest intentions and weren’t setting out to be martyrs, but why is nobody championing the vital shreds of truth they revealed? (For the record, Nasr says she was refering “to Fadlallah’s ‘pioneering’ views on women’s rights.”) The American McCarthyism toward anyone the least bit willing to reach out a hand to our “enemies” is exactly why we have so many.