I am about to post what may be one of my favorite designs. Possibly for sentimental reasons rather than technical ones. What’s so sentimental about a double decker extra bacon cheeseburger, you ask? (Like it’s not obvious…)

Well, unlike other double decker extra bacon cheeseburgers, this double decker extra bacon cheeseburger was drawn entirely by yours truly in Illustrator. And while the double decker extra bacon cheeseburger probably deserves a sonnet of its own, this post is actually to you, Illustrator.

Illustrator, 41 days ago we were practically strangers. I was skeptical of you. I thought I had a favorite Adobe program. But you’ve made me realize a had a hole in my life. Under your placid exterior is a treasure trove of useful tools. I think I might just like you.

Thanks for today. Here’s a little picture reminder for you to put on your wall and think of me.

I owe Juan Pableo De Gregorio for hooking us up; he made a very convincing argument in Vector Drawing Mistakes.

I’m sure we’ll be meeting again soon. Until then…
I’m yours,